Senin, 19 Juli 2010

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Mount Batur

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008

Have you known??

Pada waktu benda-benda angkasa ini diperbandingkan 

kita menjadi sadar betapa kecilnya bumi dan kita para penghuninya. 

Jagad raya yang sangat besar. 

Dalam skala ini bumi kita tidak kelihatan lagi

Di sini matahari hanya sebesar debu! 

Antares adalah bintang ke 15 yang paling terang di angkasa. 

Jaraknya lebih dari 1000 tahun cahaya dari bumi. 

  Lalu . . . 
siapakah kita? 
apakah tujuan hidup kita? 
Apa yang membuat hidup kita, manusia, berharga? 


Rabu, 25 Juni 2008

To Be Successful

If You Want To Succeed …
Don’t limit yourself
The difference between winners and losers is that winners do not set limit on themselves. (adapted from

Dare to dream
You can’t move forward if you are always looking back. You can’t find new solution if you believe it can’t be done. Have the courage of your own conviction and go after it. (

Have enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is one fo the most powerful engines of success. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Have courtesy
Knowledge, ability, experience are of little avail in reaching high success if courtesy is lacking. Courtesy is the one passport that will be acepted without questions in every land, in every office, in every home, in every heart. (George D. Powers)

Cherished Friends

When life has it's trials
and on our cheek falls a tear,
We feel that we are alone
and there's no one to care.

Then God sends us an angel
from heaven above,
That showers us with loving care
and fills us with so much love.

Instead of skies that are gray
the skies have turned to blue,
In place of the rain drops
the sunshine comes through.

It fills my heart with such warmth
to know that you care,
And for the many times
you lifted my name in prayer.

I thank God every day